All students participate in art class once a week.

The art curriculum at Children's Hours is as eclectic and diverse as our student population. 

Students of all ages are exposed to the works of famous artists such as Matisse, Van Gogh, Picasso, O'Keeffe, Monet and Hokusai.

Their creative responses vary in mediums from painting & pastels, sculpture, block printing, collages, etchings, textiles, murals and paper-mache.

Preschoolers learn how to mix tints & shades of paint, make their own paper-mache pulp and craft dough.

The K-1 art curriculum is integrated with the student course of study.  It includes creative responses to African masks, Indian textiles, Native American pottery and wampum belts, Kabuki masks in addition to medieval castle banners, knight shields and dragon sculptures.

Our primary goal is to have children find their creative self and take pride and joy in the wonderful results that grace across our galleries and classrooms.

Our secondary goal is to have students develop a love for art that will always be a part of them, wherever they go in life.

Kathy Piccioni

Art Teacher